I Prefer My House to Living on the Road

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Maybe I don’t need to say anything else? Many FI bloggers like to travel all over the world for months at a time, or even indefinitely. I wonder if this is because they are young(er than me) or just their lifestyle preference? There is nothing wrong with this, but it is not my goal or desire.

I like having a home base that is comfortable, clean, and requires minimal upkeep. I don’t need a McMansion, just a house that can fit my family. I have improved my house to my family’s preferences, and I want to stay here. I love where I live; I love the people in the town and the convenience of necessary amenities such as schools, Aldi’s and Market Basket.

I like having a 2nd home a few miles from the ocean. We walk around Ogunquit ME, including Marginal Way, a beautiful 1.1 mile, ocean-side, walk to Perkins Cove. People come from all over the world to stay in this town and make that same walk. We live here, so can enjoy this view or the town beaches for free all year. Since we bought our house 3 miles from the town center and in the neighboring town, we saved hundreds of thousands of dollars off the purchase price, not to mention lower property taxes.

I don’t need to live as frugally as possible because I still work, and am happy doing so. Just because your are employed doesn’t mean you aren’t doing what you want to do every day.

Back to the topic of this post – constant travel. That has just never been a goal of mine. I am probably in the minority on this, but that’s OK with me. Everyone should live the life they want to live.


    1. I absolutely agree – everyone should do whatever makes them happy. Maybe no one else will agree with me; maybe its because I’m older; but I like the grounded feeling of having a house. I’m sure you will enjoy your trips in the RV!


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