Resources I Use for Success

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No affiliate links here…just stuff I use that I think is awesome, and helps me with productivity.

Lastpass for password management – hands down, a game changer for security. I have the Enterprise version, which allows sharing of any passwords with any group or different groups of people. It syncs across all devices, and has greatly improved my digital life.

Office 365 for productivity at work – I will never let go of my Excel and Word…and I recently learned OneNote, and now cannot live without it.

Chrome – Google is taking over the world…

Kindle – Reading on the go; as many books as you want in a convenient package. I don’t go anywhere without it.

iPad Pro – Love the large screen. With the attached keyboard, it replaces a laptop and is now my primary work computer.

YouTube TV – I fired Comcast and Spectrum with glee. See earlier, Google is taking over the world. YouTube TV is accessible from any post 2016 Samsung/LG TV, an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. I don’t know about Android, as I live in an Apple world. Free DVR, unlimited storage, multiple users, pretty much any channel including NESN for New England sports; movies; past TV shows; all for $50/month. My house full of people cannot live without TV, so this was the compromise.

iPhone – Apple again. For listening to podcasts. Entreleadership; Radical Personal Finance; Seth Godin Akimbo; Madfientist; Bigger Pockets; ChooseFI;; Jocko if you have time.

Aldi’s – cut my grocery bill in half. HUGE part of my success in reducing my food spending. They don’t carry all products, so I need to pair this with…

Market Basket – for the rest of my food shopping! By watching their weekly flyer and paying attention to prices, I am able to save a boatload

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