Reaching Financial Independence

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Financial independence when you are young does not mean “no longer be a productive member of society”. From my experience reading the blogs written by members of the FIRE movement, it means being able to live the life you want without having to do a job you don’t love. Sometimes that means earning nothing; or earning less; or earning differently. If that’s you, then this blog can help you. I have been self-employed for 20 years, the last 16 as a fee-only financial advisor, CFP and CPA, helping the middle class (not the high net worth). One of my flaws (and sometimes positive attributes) is that I am very blunt. I don’t tell people what they want to hear; I tell them what they need to hear. That does not resonate with everyone.

Are you really financially independent if you haven’t planned for the unexpected? You have saved thousands of dollars per year by not buying life insurance or preparing appropriate estate planning documents. I have seen a lot of client situations in my career. Sure, my sample size is small, but that just makes me more convinced that difficult client situations arise more frequently than you might expect.

Why not do both? Plan for FI and PLAN, at the same time.

My Financial Independence

Oh, and you won’t find ads or any “affiliate” links on this site. My income comes solely from my role as CEO/Senior Advisor of Milestone Financial Planning, LLC. Yes, its a job I love. I am right where I want to be in life.

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